What Our Customers Say About Us


With a business having such a great product capable of fulfilling multiple consumer needs, it can become easy to listen to the hype. However, we listen to our customers and their opinions on whether those needs are actually being met. As they say, the proof is in the pudding!


As a result we would like you to meet a couple of our customers who have bought hotbott.

First, meet Molly. Molly loves to play bowls yet after suffering from Raynaud’s Syndrome, a condition affecting circulation in your hands and fingers, was faced with the decision to potentially quit the sport she loved. Lucky for Molly, hotbott came to the rescue.

In the past few years I have suffered from Raynaud’s Syndrome which affects the circulation to my hands and fingers. Living in a hot country would be ideal, but as a pensioner in Scotland, living with the condition brings its own challenges.


I am a keen bowler but in this past year I have noticed it is becoming more of a challenge to hold my bowls without them slipping from my hands. I’ve tried wearing gloves but you don’t get the same grip.




I had considered giving up on my bowling due to the fact that I couldn’t feel my fingers, and I felt I was letting my team mates down if I was playing in a team match.  


Giving up on bowling would not only be devastating to me in terms of keeping me fit, but I have a good social network at the bowling club so it would have affected me in more ways than just playing a game of bowls.


At the point where I thought everything was lost my daughter told me about hotbott. It’s a portable heating system which was initially made for sitting on, but which Scott, the owner of the company gave me to try to see if it helped my hands.


It has been a revelation. Now before bowling, I sit with the hotbott and heat my hands. My circulation comes back and I can play as normal. The hotbott lasts for well over an hour, and so in between playing ends I just hold onto the hotbott, my fingers are instantly heated and off I go.


Hotbott has given me a new lease of life. I am 76, and at a time where I want to keep active it’s the ideal solution. Thanks to Scott and the hotbott team.

And now, meet Marie Louise. After suffering two major back injuries, the first resulting in back surgery, Marie-Louise turned to hotbott to help her through her road to recovery.

I was introduced to hotbott by a friend following a car accident in May this year. I was suffering extreme back pain an muscle spasms – something that I am only too familiar with having experienced a traumatic back injury in 2009 resulting in back surgery. My instinctive solution is always to turn to my hot water bottle which is often too hot an awkwardly shaped so it doesn’t always hit the mark.




When a friend suggested hotbott I assumed it was similar to the temporary heat packs that you can buy over the counter……..how wrong was I!!! Hotbott literally became my best friend and I didn’t want to be parted from it. It was really easy to use and my children were mesmerised each time I set it off to self heat…….my wee girl especially loved the pink one.


 The biggest advantage over a hot water bottle is the shape – as you apply to any injured or tender area you can literally mould to fit the area. The pouch is an excellent idea particularly when I became more mobile and ventured out on my first post accident drives.


 Fortunately this injury has been a temporary setback but as an experienced back pain sufferer I have never found as a good a product as hotbott – trust me I’ve tried them all! I’ve even introduced my physio to hotbott and he is equally impressed at its properties.

We at hotbott, take great pride in our customers. We have provided a re-usable heated product capable of helping those who have to suffer various aches, pains and strains. By introducing heat therapy it can make all the difference on the road to recovery.


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    Great stuff on listening to your customers. We should all have a good think about this one. Do we listen? Do we really listen? I have heard the following a hundred times or more: “We must be doing well because our business is growing.” It could be short lived. It could be that your market has a small time frame and the trending is only valid for a few months in which case you need to grow at a much higher rate to ‘make hay whilst the sun shines’. By listening to our customers we can address issues as they arise and change our approach dynamically – Listen and Act…

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